Pink Feather SHR

Pink Feather SHR

IPL Features
A, comprehensive treatment, the overall improvement of facial skin condition.
B, without downtime without a vacation, noninvasive non-invasive, no need to apply anesthetic
C, the time is short, only 15 to 20 minutes each time
D. a wider range of treatment, can cure the light can not achieve a variety of deep spots, small hair,
the effect is more significant
E. no side effects, can be normal face, makeup

Effect of IPL effect
(1) can stimulate the activation of collagen mother cells, so that its newborn collagen, tightening
the skin to reduce wrinkles
(2) compact pores appear matte finish, like a silky smooth skin
(3) rejuvenation, farewell skin color bleak, uneven skin tone
(4) to remove the shallow spots, while improving part of the dermis layer spots. Facial light spot –
dark spot, freckles
(5) hair quickly quickly get rid of
(6) to improve facial superficial micro vascular disease, micro vascular expansion, vascular skin
(7) to improve acne, smallpox in India, acne and so on

Instrument operation flow
A) must use distilled water or pure water, add water to overflow wells prevail, 15-30
days for a water.
B) each time after the water, the gun should be placed on the ground, water cycle five
to ten minutes.
C) the instrument temperature can not exceed 55 ℃, more than 55 ℃ after the
instrument will automatically alarm, you must stop working and replace the water.
D) operation, the instrument of the water, overflow, plug to remove, is strictly
prohibited in the heat source at the operation

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